I'm trying to resist sounding like one of those people that bitched every time a new facebook update came out
  1. One of my fav things about li.st was the intimacy with total strangers
  2. I'm worried that's going to be harder to achieve now
  3. It seems the new DM feature and removal of relisting/trending/featured lists takes away some of the discovery of unknown listers
  4. And now I'm boxed into reading stuff from mainly people I follow
    Not that I don't have love for them
  5. But like... this feels a little claustrophobic
  6. And lacking in variety.
  7. And yeah the discover tab will help me access lists from randos that people I'm following have liked/commented on/whatever
  8. But now we are being forced to see things from people within 1-2 degrees of separation
  9. And not someone we totally didn't know at all
  10. I guess that's more like real life...
  11. Except for the figurative bumping into a total stranger at the grocery store type of meet-cute
  12. That's gone. 😢