I was listening to the Women of the Hour podcast (episode: Friendship; @lenadunham, @AshleyCFord) and had an epiphany.
  1. I had a false pre-conceived notion about Lena that completely fell apart as I listened to her read her letters to her pen pal.
  2. She's an actor, director, producer, and writer, but also so much more. She is another human being, with all the vulnerabilities, quirks, feelings, and life experiences you would expect a regular person to have. And I discounted them because of her celebrity status.
  3. And then I realized I do this a lot to a lot of people, celebrity or not. We all do to some extent, don't we?
  4. And I hate it when people do this to me.
  5. When we refuse to think outside the box we have drawn around others, we close ourselves off to learning about all the other things that make them not only unique, but similar to ourselves.
  6. We deny their place in the world as anything other other than ____. We reduce their value to something much less than actuality (this is a topic in and of itself--assigning value. I don't like the word but can't think of a better term right now).
  7. I was embarrassed and mad at myself.
    Sorry, Lena. I feel like a douche.
  8. This shouldn't have been an epiphany.
  9. So I want to try something... Will you join me in sharing some things about you that you feel make you *you*, especially things that others might not realize at first?
  10. I'll go first.
  11. ---------
  12. Soldier; an American Muslim
  13. Hopeless Romantic; incredibly hesitant about the idea of marriage
    I'm not sure if this is what you're going for - I thought about it & came up with this as the possibly most surprising?? Might delete my suggestion later
    Suggested by @kate81
  14. Christian, happily living in a Muslim country
    I got way more shit for my beliefs living in Los Angeles than I have in Amman. (This always weirds out my conservative NC family)
    Suggested by @rebeccaroanoke
  15. sensitive bookish type; big fan of death metal
    Suggested by @CleftEffect
  16. Adrenaline junkie; to be a person with a heart condition
    Suggested by @missleswilson