Well this is crazy.
  1. My deployment is cancelled.
    *tires screeching noise*
  2. Major bummer. I cried a little, out of disappointment.
  3. Actually, I've been quite emotional lately (more than usual), and now I know why.
  4. A few days after I published the most personal list I've ever written (I'M GOING TO WAR), I had a positive pregnancy test.
  5. Which means I am medically non-deployable.
  6. I guess Afghanistan wasn't meant to be, but this baby was.
    Here's my "blobby," as I'm calling "it" for now.
  7. It's taken me a few days to mentally switch gears, but @Hoogie and I are both excited.
  8. Actually, @Hoogie is really excited and wants to give our baby a creepy name.
  9. Anyway, I want you all to know how much it meant to me to know I had your support going into the deployment. I'm grateful to you, my List App family. You are the most amazing individuals I've never met. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. ❤️