Which would you listen to? Feel free to suggest something... must be medical.
  1. Women in medicine
    Interviews with women in the medical field.. the more I think about this, the less excited I am, which also bums me out, because I feel like I should be excited about it.
  2. Military women in medicine
    Similar to the above, but a bit more niche
  3. Doctors Anonymous
    Doctors telling their most memorable stories; moth style? Maybe a theme per episode. Or a doctor per episode. The latter would be easier and require less editing
  4. The other side of the couch: Psychotherapists discuss their experiences in therapy (their own, not with patients).
    Suggested by @ilovelucy
  5. Body part of the week
    Ok that's a terrible title, but each episode you talk about a different body part and all the things they can go wrong with it. Great for hypochondriacs! I used to have a book called "symptoms and warning signs" that I loved to peruse whenever the slightest thing went wrong so I guess I have some H streaks...
    Suggested by @cordeliane
  6. I love the Doctors Anonymous idea, but maybe break it down by specialty? I.e. separate shows for radiology, ER, OBGYN, ENT, etc.
    My husband is in the medical field, and I love listening to the stories he and his coworkers tell when they get together. I'm thinking of having a few doctors, nurses, etc per episode talking with (and playing off of) each other instead of individual moth style stories.
    Suggested by @_leia_
  7. Maybe this is the same as your Body Part of the Week, or maybe not: Serious / Not Serious: I have a pain in my shoulder / upper chest: is it a heart attack (rush to emergency) or just a muscle cramp? How can I tell? Or: I feel weak and need to lie down; my arm gets tingly (nerve damage?) etc. None of us want to spend the day in Emergency, but...
    Suggested by @Alphonse
  8. I like @ilovelucy's idea but would extend the topic to other HCWs in psychotherapy too - nurses, docs, etc! Just because I think needing therapy is such a taboo for many medics and it would be great to hear a diverse array of experiences.
    Suggested by @barefootmeds
  9. Doctor and a patient each time!
    Suggested by @mandanoke
  10. VR in medicine
    Suggested by @notme