Life is kind of stressful rn
  1. Number of meetings I attended: 10
    I hate meetings
  2. Number of meetings with generals: 4
    They were actually pretty nice
  3. How many phone numbers I have now: 5
    Everybody has me on speed dial up in this biatch
  4. Number of things I am responsible for in my new position: 9827376482920028372628929292828237
  5. Number of jobs I'm doing in 1: 3
  6. Number of patients I'm responsible for: 4,400
  7. Number of times I've had to address irrational Zika virus concerns: 4
  8. Number of hours I've been working per week: 65 (sadly, an improvement from my last job).. This will probably go up to 80 next week when the person I'm replacing leaves.
  9. Number of hours I'm supposed to be working per week: 40
  10. Number of weeks pregnant I am: almost 28
  11. Number of times I have to get up to pee every night: 3-5
  12. Number of naps I want to take: a million
  13. Number of naps I can take: 0
  14. Number of times I packed lunch last week: 5 (success)
  15. Number of times I went to the gym last week: 2
    Major fail
  16. Number of times I cried about being a bad mother before my baby is even born yet: 2 1/2
    One was stifled
  17. Number of self care things I did: 2
    Actually applied a mask, and successfully washed off makeup every night
  18. Number of pounds I gained in the last month: -3
  19. Number of times my OB/GYN made me feel fat anyway: 1