Last week in photos

  1. Got invited to a general's house for a welcome reception
    Mmm 🍤 cocktail
  2. My hubby brought these home. My dad used to bring them back from NYC when I was a kid. Stella D'oro cookies will forever remind me of the WTC, my dad, and NYC as a result.
  3. I successfully ran a brand new medical operation to get hundreds of cadets cleared medically to travel outside the country
    Travel counseling, shots, prescriptions tailored to travel, both unofficial and official, to protect America's future leaders from disease and illness. This was the culmination of months of planning, headaches, setbacks, and coordination between like 50 people. So glad it worked out.
  4. My friends threw me a baby shower.
  5. There's the bump.
  6. I was reunited with one of my oldest friends at the wedding of one of my other oldest friends
  7. We took this crazy photo booth pic
    I love it
  8. Not pictured: 12 hours worth of unpacking and organizing of boxes and vacuum sealed bags of clothes, linen, and towels from yesterday
    Nesting mode
  9. And lastly, tonight I put together the fanciest pack n play ever
    For naps downstairs that don't happen in mommy's or daddy's arms