Inspired by @angusisley
  1. Grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast
  2. Starbucks matcha frap
    Go ahead, put the whipped cream on there.
  3. Staying inside for 5 days straight
    Except for sneaking out for a massage, a pedicure, and haircut at an Aveda salon
  4. shopping spree of random items
    Ziploc bags, duct tape, hangers, space heater — no, I'm not planning a murder a la Dexter. I'm just too lazy to go to the store because I can't stop:
  5. Binge watching BBC dramas on Netflix
    Doctor Foster is amazing - check it out
  6. Playing the same album on repeat over and over again
  7. Taking a bubble bath every day
  8. Facebook stalking people I'm "friends" with but haven't talked to in years
  9. Writing lots and lots of lists