1. Preview mode
    Let's you view your whole list before publishing. Also allows preview of photos from within the list. Prevents embarrassing grammatical and spelling errors hidden in the comment box below your list item because they're not fully expanded in edit mode.
  2. List recall
    You accidentally published a list that is too long to re-type. You want it back in your drafts folder so you can work on it more before everyone sees it in its unfinished form. Maybe set a time limit, like 1 minute?
  3. Reply to a suggestion added to an open list by swiping across it from right to left.
    Like you can do to quick reply in the comments.
  4. Ability to write drafts offline
    Sometimes on the bus/subway/train, the internet is intermittent but I just want to draft a list.
    Suggested by @estherlimtf
  5. I got a couple draft pitches!!!
    A) manually re order drafts B) search through drafts C) long hold on the 'new draft' icon (top right corner) to pull up your drafts, instead of going to your profile you know?
    Suggested by @kellydehoop
  6. Private lists
    'Cuz sometimes I want to just write a list for a few folks to see, not the general public.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  7. Select several pictures at a time and make each of them a separate list item
    It would make photo lists a lot easier
    Suggested by @yikes
  8. Relisting one of your own lists, one that maybe didn't get the attention it deserved at the time. This way you can recirculate it and give it some love.
    Suggested by @alanarogerrrrs
  9. New activity - a "while you were away" kind of thing
    I hate to say it but like how Twitter does it so that when you stop somewhere in your timeline and close out of the app, it starts back at where you left off in your timeline at the time and you have to scroll up for new lists. (Does this even make sense?)
    Suggested by @graceadilla
  10. A queuing feature/scheduled list posting
    For times when we're busy at work and can't actively be on List App but want to keep things running.
    Suggested by @eclecticmouse
  11. Spinoff list blocking (by title)
    Suggested by @jz
  12. Gifs
    Suggested by @jz
  13. Multiple trending lists at once.
    I've noticed you can only have one at a time. I get this because it would suck if celebs or the list app cool kids club (aka beta users) took over the trending category. Maybe there can be some sort of indicator next to the person's most trendy list at the moment that allows you to expand and see their other trending lists (but doesn't actually list them outright, thereby avoiding popular post-er takeover). I hope this makes sense.
  14. Just a little photo tweak
    It drives me crazy if I choose a photo and don't crop it properly that I have to re-select it all over again. The ability to edit already uploaded photos (which would really just be zooming in/out) would makes things a little easier.
    Suggested by @jessnobs
  15. Scroll up when composing a comment
    So you can see the other comments and the list. Ideal when you are tagging multiple people in a response or about multiple list items in particular that you want to reference.
  16. Expand all comments at once
    The current requirement to click multiple times to see more comments is inconvenient.
  17. Comment threading
    Ability to see the order in which replies are made; especially important when people say vague things in response to someone who has written multiple comments. E.g. Someone says "lol" or "that's true" and tags someone who has written multiple comments. It's unclear which part they're responding to.
  18. Linking a list item to a comment
    I recently added multiple suggestions to an open list that the author then accepted. They wrote a comment that said, "wow." I didn't know which item they were responding to. Or all of them? This I can wait on because it's not as common as an issue. But it would be nice to have at some point.
  19. Ability for readers to "like" bullets on an open list
    Gives the author/suggester some indication of how popular their contribution was.