You know, the smarmy district attorney/prosecutor from "Making a Murderer" on Netflix... The one you just can't help but dislike...
  1. This is Ken Kratz.
    He was the district attorney who sought Steven Avery's conviction for the murder of Teresa Halbach, a photographer who was last seen near Avery's property before disappearing. The Netflix documentary, "Making a Murderer," details Avery's story and the preponderance of questionable pseudo-evidence used to send him to jail for life. If you haven't seen it, you really should.
  2. He sent Steven Avery this letter:
    ... In it, he tried to coerce Steven Avery into giving Kratz information for a tell-all book he's reportedly working on about the Teresa Halbach murder. Shameless.
  3. He was involved in a sexting scandal in 2009, quid pro quo style.
    In 2009, Kratz was prosecuting a domestic violence case against the boyfriend of a 26-year-old domestic violence victim. She filed a police report alleging that Kratz sent her 30 sexually coercive text messages over the span of three days. She felt Kratz was trying to coerce her into a sexual relationship & declining would be at the risk of him dismissing the case against her boyfriend. The Governor later tried to dismiss him, but he resigned. He settled out of court with the victim. Despicable!
  4. His law license was suspended for four months in 2014 for abusing prescription drugs.
    During a disciplinary hearing held by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, he admitted also being treated for sexual addiction and narcissistic personality disorder. I think all of us knew about the personality disorder.