Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Highly-intuitive person (not really one word, but a huge part of my identity).
    Especially emotionally; I can read most people emotionally like a book.. This is hugely helpful in my job as a...
  2. Physician
    I practice full-scope primary care and am a board certified family physician; I handle most medical needs without needing to refer my patients to specialists (but of course do so when it is appropriate). Most days, I love my job, what it means to me, and what it means to my patients. I make it a point to try to go beyond the physical and also treat the spiritual and emotional parts of my patients' health since they have such a big impact on a person's health.
  3. Wife
    When you're married, your lives are totally intertwined, and you commit to putting the other person first (while preserving your own health and sanity, of course).
  4. Friend
    I pride myself on trying to be a good friend. Living so far away from some of my oldest and closest friends makes it hard to stay in touch. I think this is the part of my identity that I am currently struggling the most with.
  5. Soldier
    This I will defend. 🇺🇸