My sister is an Android user. A week ago, she was visiting and I showed her this great app. Here's a sampling on her latest communications:
  1. On Facebook: Somebody! Anybody! . . . lend me an iPad touch, iPhone, or iPad plz! #dying
    Follow up comment: Damn them to Smithereens!
  2. This Facebook post:
    6f7acb28 5142 4b49 80db 3e473653dbe2
  3. This text chain:
    936f1097 a703 4f01 9b87 dc0e2c103d7d
  4. This text chain:
    97cba75e f2a5 4f6b acc5 62cb0699c41a
  5. This:
    864264dd e21b 4f17 b2d9 a85372754992
  6. This:
    1e9a3ab6 fe98 40ad a496 d08dd9f2307c
  7. @bjnovak @dev so, when can we expect release for android?