My unofficial New Year's resolution this year is to deliberately try to enjoy something each day (or the whole day, preferably) and not take things for granted. This requires effort, but my mood is so 💯 compared to before. Mindfulness is an amazing practice. Here are some things I noticed and took joy in this week.
  1. How the first sip of this Krakatoa steamer tasted
  2. The gorgeous colors of the sun rising and reflecting toward Diamond Head
  3. How soft my hair felt after a professional cut & blowout
    I suffer from RBF; it's a real affliction.
  4. The intense shades of green in the foliage growing on the mountains near home
  5. The colors of the sky, ocean, and sand.
  6. The slipperiness of these udon noodles as I slurped them
  7. The intoxicating scent of plumeria as they bloomed in our neighborhood this week