Or most other places for that matter... I didn't realize how much geographic privilege I had despite growing up somewhat poor.
  1. Passport agency
    It seriously blew my mind when I found out other people had to mail forms and stuff in to get passports. We always just went to the office in Manhattan.
  2. Dangerously Delicious Pizza (also known as crack)
    Traditional: Lombardi's (Little Italy); greasy but good: Sal Vito's (Voorhees)
  3. The Halal Guys
    Memories of late night stops @ 53rd&6th
  4. The Met.
    I really miss it. One of my happy places is the Ancient Egypt section with the modern "Nile" and temple.
  5. The Blue Note.
    One of the most memorable nights ever was spent there, seeing Wynton Marsalis live courtesy of Ed's great aunt and uncle, who did arrangements for Broadway (after they toured the world in various jazz ensembles).
  6. Toll roads.
    This is a good one.
  7. Ladies in leopard print ensembles
  8. Madison Square Garden 😩
    I've missed so many bucket list shows there last few years. The irony is that when I lived there, I was broke. Now I actually have money and I'm in the middle of the Pacific.
  9. My best friends. ❤️😔
    Thank God for technology but this time difference is brutal
  10. Cronuts
    Seriously need to know what the hype is about.
  11. A decent sized concert hall
    Waikiki Shell and Blaisdell... You is TINY. No wonder our collection of visiting performers consists of: 1) people who are 20-30 years past their prime and 2) bands that are just starting to gain a decent following and need a tough audience to practice on