I'm traveling to Japan and then Florida for the next three weeks. I typically travel light. I hate lugging things around, but I do allow myself to bring some non-essential items. I'm curious. What are some personal luxuries you won't travel without?
  1. Clarisonic brush
  2. Kindle Paperwhite (prefer paper books, but this is so much more compact)
  3. Current musical faves downloaded to my iPhone and Bose SoundSport headphones
    John Mayer, Young the Giant, Norah Jones, Of Monsters and Men, Adele
  4. Garmin 920XT watch and HRM plus aforementioned Bose headphones
    Essential for staying fit on vacation
  5. L'occitane Almond hand moisturiser
    Even though it takes up precious space in my one plastic bag of liquids etc, it's perfect for the dry plane air. Also, smells great. :)
    Suggested by @estherlimtf
  6. My own favorite brand of astringent and tampons
    Suggested by @kate81
  7. iPad or iPad Mini loaded, headphones, travel candle, a blanket, paper/pens, book, snacks in small packs (crackers, nut butters, nuts, etc), Evian face spritzer, battery backups for my phone (Tumi and Mophie), packs of Emergen-C to prevent sickness
    Suggested by @element75
  8. Sheet masks! Facial mist to rehydrate skin after long flight.
    Suggested by @ssscorvus
  9. Face wipes
    Cucumber or lavender preferred. Easier than waiting to get to a hotel, great on the plane, instant refresher.
    Suggested by @ameliaville
  10. Fluffy socks for the long plane ride
    Wearing them can help to keep your feet from swelling up
    Suggested by @aniko