Thanks @oeysteinD for this list request. All of these are photos taken with my iPhone over the last few years while stationed in Hawaii. Most are from hiking trails. And yes, I feel very blessed to live here and I'm not 100% ready to move back to New York in 6 months.
  1. Rainbow over Kaneohe Bay, Oahu
    From a friend's backyard
  2. Me at the Makapu'u-Tomtom trail, Oahu
    Yes, I am perched on a cliff.
  3. At 4000 ft elevation on a 12 mile hike (Manana Trail) walking on the Ko'olau Mountains into the clouds, Oahu
  4. Sunset in Poīpu, Kauai
  5. Me at the end of the Awa'awa'pūhi trail, Kauai
  6. Driving to Waimea Canyon, Kauai
  7. Tree Tunnel, Kauai
  8. Waimea Canyon, Kauai
  9. Rainbow over the H3 freeway, Oahu
  10. My view during yoga, Lanikai, Oahu
  11. Me at the end of Mariner's Ridge trail, Oahu
  12. Lulumahu Falls, Oahu
  13. Heavy rainfall led to waterfalls pouring down the cloud-covered Ko'olau Mountains, Oahu
  14. Sunset at Hickam Air Force Base, Oahu
  15. Mokulua Islands from Lanikai Pillbox trail, Oahu
  16. Koolau Mountains from Maunawili Falls trail, Oahu
  17. Maunawili Falls, Oahu
  18. Mokulua Islands at sunrise from Lanikai Pillboxes trail, Oahu
  19. Hickam Beach, Oahu
  20. Aerial view of Diamond Head crater, Oahu
  21. Aerial view of Hawaii Kai and Koko Head crater, Oahu
  22. Sunset on Molokai island, Hawaii
  23. Kuli'ou'ou Ridge trail, Oahu
  24. Pink-tinged sunset, Kailua, Oahu
  25. Storm clouds rolling in over Kailua, Oahu
  26. Morning mist over Kawainui Marsh, Oahu
  27. On Mokulua Island, Oahu
  28. Selfie at Kalihi Ice Ponds, Oahu
    I stayed up after a particularly bad 30 hour shift at the hospital and did this hike to blow off some steam.
  29. Hanauma Bay, Oahu
  30. Big waves kicking up mist on the North Shore, Oahu
  31. Starting Ka'ena Point trail, Oahu
  32. Ka'ena Point trail, Oahu
  33. Ka'ena Point trail, Oahu
  34. Ka'ena Point trail, Oahu
  35. Ka'ena Point trail, Oahu
  36. View from Lanikai Pillbox trail, Oahu
    The graffiti said, "Home is wherever you are." So beautiful.
  37. Looking a little orange from weird morning light on the Aiea Loop trail overlooking H3 freeway cutting through the Ko'olau Mountains, Oahu
  38. Hanging out at the Pillbox Trail, Oahu
  39. My hubby at the Four Seasons Lodge at Ko'ele, Lana'i
  40. I'ao Point, Maui
  41. Sunset, Maui
  42. Sunset at Ala Moana beach, Oahu
  43. Me at Ulūpo He'i'au, ruins of a sacred Hawaiian temple, Kailua, Oahu
  44. Rainbow, Lahaina, Maui
  45. Passing through farmland on the North Shore, Oahu
  46. Byodo-In temple, Kaneohe, Oahu
  47. Ko'olau Mountains, from Maunawili Falls trail, Oahu
  48. My first sunset in Hawaii, Waikiki Beach, Oahu