1. Why do our eyes leak when we are sad, or angry, or even if we are happy?
  2. And why do our tears have to run into our nasolacrimal ducts and make our noses get stuffy and snotty?
  3. And why do we get that feeling in our throats, like all of our emotions are balled up there in a tangible mass?
  4. And why do our faces have to get really red?
  5. And why do we have to hyperventilate?
    As if crying isn't embarrassing enough
  6. Babies cry to get attention. Are we just being big babies that are trying to get attention?
  7. Is it an evolutionary mechanism meant to elicit guilt? Compassion?
    Without us even realizing it?
  8. Is it just a really good way to get free hugs? Because hugs are great.
    Universal fact.
  9. How did we wind up developing tear type 3?
    1) the usual for lubrication 2) the kind that protect us from irritants like smoke and 3) the emotional kind (contains stress hormone - so we are literally dumping stress hormones out of our eyes???)
  10. And then what are happy tears made of?
  11. Just why?