1. You can put groceries in it.
  2. Because we need 4WD for when we leave Hawaii and it snows.
  3. In case we need to do home improvement.
  4. Because manly men drive trucks.
  5. So he can see above all the cars on the highway.
  6. In case he wants to go camping/off-roading.
    He has never wanted to do this before
  7. For our bicycles.
    That's a really expensive and large bike rack, babe.
  8. To help my friends move stuff.
  9. In case we need to haul things.
  10. Because they get better gas mileage now.
  11. "because I'm an Army Ranger, damn it."
  12. Cause it's the American thing to do!*
    *he wants a Toyota Tacoma.