This came up today as a friend was complaining to me about difficulties she is having in her relationship with her husband, who expects too much of their 7 month old.
  1. So, I was thinking, as I held my high needs baby for her only decent nap today...
  2. I was so clueless about babies before I had her.
  3. Even though I've played doctor to thousands of kids ...
  4. I expected too much and didn't respect babies as people.
  5. Part of this is based on misconceptions from TV.
  6. Babies - my baby anyway - don't just sleep whenever, wherever.
    Mine sleeps in my arms or her crib ... not even the car seat.
  7. And why should they?
  8. Do we expect adults to do that? To sleep with noise, lights, people talking, etc. . .
  9. Do you let people watch you use the bathroom? (Spouses with the door open don't count).
    So why do people expect to watch babies during a diaper change and think it's ok to just be there for that?
  10. And do you stay happy when you're hungry? No? You get hangry?
    Babies invented hangry.
  11. So don't expect anyone to put off feeding their baby because it's inconvenient for you or anyone else.
  12. Babies are people, too. They're needy people, but they're people.
  13. And we need to do a better job of respecting them and not having unrealistic expectations of them.