1. Ate some dark chocolate
    Not the whole bar
  2. Finally stopped procrastinating about a health issue and saw my doctor
    Yes, doctors need doctors too
  3. Deep breathing before counseling a resident who messed up
  4. Packed my lunch for work and made dinner
  5. Spent the extra time to teach a medical student a LOT!
    It makes me feel good to do so!
  6. Exercised
  7. Used my Clarisonic brush
  8. And, my favorite of all:
  9. Bought VIP tickets and an RV pass to go to Bonnaroo!!!!
    I've always wanted to go! And I've never RV'd before, so I'm really excited! We (me and @Hoogie) may turn it into the starting point for a cross country road trip, too.
  10. Dead & Company, here I home! 🌹⚡️💀
  11. Pearl Jam, here I come!
  12. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, here I come!
  13. Death Cab for Cutie, here I come!
  14. Anyone else going?
  15. List app meet up??