And you have no idea what you're doing? Allow me to assist.
  1. Step one: read this essential list on proper etiquette (by @sophia).
  2. Step two: write a list!
    Anything can be made into a list. Don't be afraid of not getting any likes or fret too much about the contents of your first list. Most of us were fresh new users like you once upon a time, and many of us wrote great lists that no one bothered to read. You have to start somewhere.
  3. Step three: interact! is a wonderful place for mutual sharing. To get love, you gotta give love. Follow some users, see who they're following, read as many lists as you can, and like/relist/comment away! Don't forget to send list requests.
  4. Step four: share the gift of!
    Tell your family and friends about this wonderfully welcoming community and help them get started sharing too.