1. It was an accident. It's been a hell of a last six months.
  2. I've been struggling big time with this whole work life balance thing.
  3. I was really unprepared for motherhood.
    I think most people are—unprepared, that is—but I think working 14-15 hour days right up until delivery really didn't leave me much energy or time to prepare.
  4. That's the funny thing about being a parent. Before you're a parent, everything is about you, for the most part. Even though everyone tells you it's about the kid, you really don't get it until it happens.
    For example, I have almost peed myself sitting with a fussy baby who finally fell asleep in my lap, and I refused to move because she hasn't slept well all day, and I knew she needed the sleep. If I moved, there was a 90% chance she would wake up. So like, screw it, I'll just get a UTI instead. Also, I can't feel my arm or my leg. 😓
  5. Not only that, but after having a complicated pregnancy, I then gave birth to a baby that has massive food allergies. I've been breastfeeding her as she was reacting to my milk. Unfortunately she's also allergic to formula. So that made for a rough time.
  6. I wound up with postpartum depression and my level of apathy about things I once enjoyed, like this app, was kind of unmanageable.
    Thankfully I got help.
  7. Anyway, sorry.
  8. It looks like there have been a lot of changes while I was gone. It'll take some getting used to. I hope you're all still around.
  9. It'll take me some time to find things to write about. I don't want my "beat" to be about being a mom, and I can't quite write about my job as much anymore since I'm working in a more sensitive position now.
  10. Bare with me while I get back on my feet.
  11. I've missed this.