The joys of pregnancy
  1. Dysgeusia
    Alteration of taste. For me, it's an unpleasant metallic taste in my mouth that's causing me to want to drink ungodly amounts of grapefruit juice, which then leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. There is no winning.
  2. Hyperosmia
    An insane, sometimes overwhelming, sense of smell. I can smell my husband approaching the house from hundreds of feet away, and be able to instantly identify what he brought home for dinner, too. It's kind of freaky because it takes so long for him to actually get to the door, that it makes me feel like I have a psychic superpower. It's fun to call him 2 minutes before he gets inside and say things like, "thanks for picking up __" when he hasn't told me what he's bringing home for dinner.
  3. Hyperemesis
    This is the one I hate the most. Throwing up excessively. What's excessively? Leading to dehydration, weight loss, and inability to keep food and/or fluids down. As soon as I hit 9 weeks, this started. I missed a day of work for the first time in my life because I needed to get IV fluids and anti-nausea medications. You feel trapped at home and if you leave, carry emergency barf bags with you. Interestingly, people who lack a sense of smell never get nausea in their pregnancies.
  4. Excessive salivation
    Thanks, hormones. My mouth is constantly filling up with saliva - so gross. I feel like the Beast in The Sandlot.
  5. Hyperhydrosis
    Excessive sweating. I normally can't sweat very well, which is frustrating because it makes it hard for me to cool off when I exert myself (I just turn beet red as my body tries to compensate by bringing all my blood to the surface for cooling). And now I am doing the opposite. So gross. Much to my chagrin and @Hoogie's delight, I now like to blast the AC in the car like he does, when previously it was an all-out war over the AC switch.
  6. Basically, I feel like an ogre. Please call me Fiona from now on. And sorry for my lack of lists recently... I have just felt so crappy.