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    β€œThere will be no exceptions... This means that, as long as they qualify and meet the standards, women will now be able to contribute to our mission in ways they could not before.” -Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter
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    This means women can not only go to Ranger School, SEAL training, and other elite, formerly male-only schools. They can actually be assigned to units that utilize their full skill set.
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    I'm really proud of how the military has moved forward in the last several years with allowing gays to openly serve, and now with allowing women to serve in more ways than before. This makes them more competitive for promotion and getting to serve in highly selective senior leadership roles in the military.
    This means they can influence policies that affect women. Like length of maternity and paternity leave, breastfeeding policies, and so much more.
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    Sadly, I can't tell you how many self-hating women showed up on my FB feed today (mostly married to active duty males I know or work with) who are against this.
    They are against giving women credit for jobs they are already doing, and against bad ass females breaking through glass ceilings.
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    "I believe it to be unwise to allow women in combat. I've heard how the men bond in combat and I find it inappropriate for women to be apart of it, especially when married men are involved. This is my opinion and I'm entitled to it as you are."
    A military wife on my news feed.
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    Bitch, please. If your husband wants to cheat, he will.
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    And who are you kidding? Women have been serving in combat in male-dominated units for a long time! I am proud to know and serve with several and can't wait for my sisters to totally own it!
    I was recently deployed, and was one of only 30 women in a group of 400 Soldiers. I definitely bonded with my fellow Soldiers, male and female. And we supported the hell out of each other.
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    It's bad enough dealing with misogynistic men. But women holding other women down?
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    Okay, back to celebrating.