I was SO gullible!
  1. People on TV and the radio were actually inside the TV and the radio. They were tiny and trapped inside. Also they were my friends.
    I frequently turned the TV on and then went to the back of the TV trying to figure out how to free the tiny people trapped inside. I would even flip the channels quickly to see if I could catch them off guard and figure out if they could see me too. My dad thought this was hilarious.
  2. The Snuggles bear was real.
    And I HAD to have him. My mom told me he wasn't a real live teddy bear, but I didn't believe her.
  3. If my teddy bear got wet, he would turn into a gremlin.
  4. I was adopted and had a long lost twin.
    I kept this to myself forever because I didn't think my mom would react to it very well (she didn't). One time I even thought I spotted my doppelgänger at a big town party and that's when I knew I had been lied to.
  5. Earwigs crawled into your ear and ate your brain.
    After a few sightings in our basement, I slept with earmuffs on for a few nights.
  6. If you swallowed watermelon seeds, a watermelon would grow in your belly.
    Thanks to my big bro for this one.
  7. Our hearts were actually shaped like: ❤️.
    When I found out they weren't, I couldn't understand where the ❤️ came from and why we called it a heart (I still don't know this).
  8. In the alphabet, L-M-N-O-P was one letter that took forever to say.
    And it always was sung really fast as "ellemenopee."
  9. Mirrors were portals to other worlds.
    My reflection was another version of me and if I could concentrate just right, I could go through the portal and experience another world. I never tried too hard because I was afraid of getting trapped.
  10. Thunder was a sound that meant God was really angry.
    This may have been influenced by movies or cartoons insistence on thunder and lightning as bad/scary.
  11. Telekinesis is real.
    I just hadn't learned to tap into my abilities yet.
  12. Little people lived inside traffic lights and changed them from green to yellow to red.
    A miserable existence.
  13. Rainbows were magical.
    Actually, I still believe this is somewhat true.