Live listing from FLL
  1. Ate a lot of peaches
    Summer just isn't right without juicy peaches
  2. Saw my sister for the first time in a while
  3. Got Layla crawling and pulling to a stand
  4. Babyproofed my Airbnb - you're welcome, host.
  5. Learned how to clean a pool
    Inner city kid. Never had one.
  6. Stepped into the ocean for the first time in 15 months
    Made me miss Hawaii even more
  7. Met @Veronique and visited Frost Science Museum courtesy of her/her family
    Finally, very briefly. We will need to do a do-over at some point!
  8. Visited South Beach
    It was beautiful, but a little sad, as my parents and I recalled the drowning death of a close family friend's son
  9. Ate at a restaurant for the first time in months.
    There is so much good Mediterranean food around here that works with Layla's allergies! Where we live in NY is dominated by Italian restaurants. While I love Italian, we can't do tomatoes or dairy right now, as Layla is allergic and I'm breastfeeding her.