Today, I attended a memorial service on base for one of my patients (see this list: I FINALLY CRIED. ). Here is how I experienced it:
  1. Watching raindrops sliding down the windshield
  2. Crisp blue uniforms, decorated with medals and ribbons in every color
  3. The flapping of the flag in the wind
  4. The boots striking the sidewalk in cadence
  5. The creaking of pews
  6. Colorful light streaming through stained glass windows
  7. The smell of old books
  8. Amazing Grace
  9. The clearing of throats
  10. The softness of a hand resting on mine
  11. The fragrance of roses
  12. The taste of a salty tear
  13. The closing of the Bible
  14. The telling of stories
  15. The quiet laughter of friends
  16. Soldiers snapping to attention
  17. Tears streaming down his best friend's still face
  18. The sobbing of his widow, dressed in black
  19. The booms from a 21 gun salute
  20. The playing of taps
  21. The squeeze of a comforting embrace