*at work. Inspired by @thechaseryan
  1. Trusty Littman stethoscope.
  2. Old-ass Lenovo
    Thanks government, for this almost nonfunctional brick that adds at least two hours to my work day, every day.
  3. This old-ass phone
    I sanitize it every day because it has that old, permanently-dirty look to it.
  4. Camelbak Eddy
    Hydrate or die, hooah
  5. This Grey's Anatomy inspired mug gifted to me by one of the best nurses I've ever worked with. Also, you can't go wrong with Purell no less than 20 times a day.
  6. Handheld GE VScan portable ultrasound device
    For scanning pregnant mamas' bellies, looking for DVTs, measuring patients' inferior vena cava collapsibility, and so much more
  7. These reference materials
    Curated over the last eight years.
  8. These combat boots.
    Part of my hospital uniform, except when I am doing inpatient care and minor surgical procedures (then I wear the standard light blue hospital scrubs).
  9. These broken-in, glittery Dankso clogs.
    Perfect for being on your feet for 14 hours a day, for those long days on inpatient, OB deliveries, and being on-call. Not very "Army," but whatever.
  10. This pager that somehow escaped the 1990s and beeps incessantly (unaffectionately nicknamed "my electronic leash"), this rubber stamp (who knew my job would involve signing and stamping all sorts of weird shit?), this fancy pen, and the perfunctory pad of Post-It notes.
  11. This dictaphone, for charting.
    Thank god for Dragon Naturally Speaking, which has saved me from a future complete with carpal tunnel syndrome.