Inspired by @DG, @drugs, @andersun,@mmthompson. If you looked at my nightstand a month ago, you would have found a copy of the latest Harry Potter book, as well as "When Breath Becomes Air," my cell phone, Kindle, and more. Having a baby really does change (almost) everything.
  1. The "big gulp"
    Nicknamed by @Hoogie. When you nurse a baby 12x a day, you have to stay hydrated. Also no one tells you about this crazy phenomenon that occurs when you're breast-feeding: whenever the baby starts drinking, you get this incredible sense of immediate, almost insatiable thirst. My husband has been very kind in making sure that he fills this up for me before bed every night.
  2. What I'm reading now
    When you're as sleep deprived as a new mother is, you'll do anything to try to get your baby to sleep, including reading every baby book people recommend to you.
  3. Pacifier
    For those five hour long sessions in the evenings where the baby's fussy and just wants to suck, not actually eat. I officially gave up on the attachment parenting philosophy two days ago after the fourth straight night where Blobby wanted to nurse for five hours straight and I thought my nipples might fall off. A mom's gotta stay sane.
  4. Which brings me to the lanolin
    A total lifesaver when your kid is still learning how to eat, or if you're blessed like me, seemingly forever since she likes to clamp down when she's tired or fussy.
  5. Scrunchies
    Cuz I can't be having my long, flowing locks out when they're in the splash zone (spit up, guys - it's a serious hazard).
  6. Tissues
    For sniffles (mine), spit up (baby's), or tears (both of ours).
  7. A trendy lamp from West Elm.
    A relic of my former life.