This isn't for sympathy... I just realized these things as I went 30mph in a 25mph zone for a few seconds while at the airport this week and got sightly panicky about it.
  1. Driving too fast through the airport thru lane and being mistaken for a terrorist
    Must go the speed limit or below
  2. Standing in line at security anywhere
  3. Being in the military and being perceived as an outsider or a threat
  4. Being treated as if you aren't American, or patriotic, or vested in your country's safety
    One of the many reasons why I joined the military after 9/11
  5. Being randomly attacked or killed by bigoted psychopaths
    I've been assaulted twice
  6. Being rejected for a job or apartment or anything because of your Muslim name or your appearance
  7. Being ignored when it comes to pay raises or promotion time
  8. Your place of worship repeatedly being vandalized and the cops doing jack shit about it
    And still not much when it finally gets burned down
  9. Being rejected in a new community
  10. Constant subjection to hate speech against people of your faith as everyday conversation and rarely anyone but you batting an eye or coming to your defense
  11. Being unable to build a place of worship where you live because the bigots in town rally against it
    Been there
  12. Being incorrectly placed on a no fly list and being unable to get off of it for years
    Happened to one of my cousins, a CEO of a tech company. He had to budget four hours for security because of it happening literally every time he flew (multiple times a week) for several years
  13. The FBI coming to your house to interrogate you in the middle of the night for no reason
    I know too many people that this has happened to
  14. I know there are more but these are the ones that immediately come to mind.