1. YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT ASSUMING: 16 graduating black female West Point cadets were cleared of wrongdoing after allegations that they violated military regulations by posing in uniform for a photo in support of a protest/political movement (Black Lives Matter).
  2. GEORGIA RESIDENTS, PROTECT YOURSELVES: A new report from the CDC predicts that because of the alarming rate of new HIV infections in GA, 1 in 51 GA residents is subject to contracting HIV in their lifetime. The epidemic is thought to be at least partially due to the rising IV heroin abuse problem in the US.
  3. MORE POLITICAL DRAMA: Allegations from former Facebook employees stating that they routinely suppressed conservative news from trending. A GOP-led Senate committee has notified Facebook that they're investigating.
  4. HEALTHCARE DENIED: The ACLU released a report indicated that 550 Catholic hospitals are run in accordance with religious doctrine that often leads to denial of necessary, sometimes life-saving care. Doctors must agree to gag rules about discussing certain treatment options or referrals to places that could provide care the church disagrees with.
  5. IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Samsung developed a virtual reality headset, and over 1 million users tried it out in April.
  6. FOOD: a zesty Italian spin on that boring old tuna sandwich
  7. TV: CALL THE MIDWIFE (drama)
    Seasons 1-4 on Netflix. Great BBC series about the challenges and drama of delivering care in an urban town in England in the 1950s. Surprisingly addictive.
  8. VIRAL VIDEO HUMOR: Who gets their ass beat to a John Mayer song? These guys.