If this movie was the Oregon Trail game, Leo had all the cheat codes.
  1. The time he gets mauled by a gigantic mama grizzly bear
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  2. The time war breaks out and he gets his ass beaten and his neck crushed by a bow
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  3. The time Fitzgerald smothers him and then tries to bury him alive
  4. The time he has a hole in his neck that water spills out of when he tries to drink
  5. The many times he ate scavenged meat
  6. The time he cauterizes the hole in his neck with gunpowder he lights on fire within his wound
  7. The time his horse rides off a cliff and he falls into a tree and then onto the ground at least 50 feet below
  8. The time he climbs into a horse carcass for warmth overnight
  9. The time he gets in an icy river and gets swept into several rapids and down some medium sized waterfalls
    Oregon trail anyone? Fording the river?
  10. While in aforementioned icy river, he is bobbing out of the water and has several near misses from arrows being shot at him
  11. The time his wounds from his mauling get infected but he magically survives for several days or weeks (the timeline is somewhat unclear) until he is healed by a Pawnee dude who knows herbal medicine
  12. The time he gets stabbed multiple times with a knife by Fitzgerald
  13. The many times he is under attack by a dozen other people with guns or bows/arrows
  14. Every time he drinks freshwater right from a stream
    Oregon trail, anyone? He should've died from dysentery like 100 times
  15. Basically every day since it is freezing and he has no shelter or food other than raw meat or fish
    Hypothermia?? Starvation?? Also bro, like every time you ate that meat, there was a fire nearby.. I know you were hungry, but c'mon!