Fellow listapp docs feel free to weigh in! @sally @TT @barefootmeds @doctordonnie @merryjennifer @AlexandraLouise, and anyone else I missed
  1. There's a surprisingly large number of people who come to the doctor with vague medical problems that turn out to be psychiatric.
    It's amazing how much somatization plays a role in people's everyday lives
  2. Patients expect you to have all the answers for everything
    Sadly, there are more unanswered questions than not
  3. I've been asked to fill out forms for all sorts of crazy things that have nothing to do with being w doctor. Why does everything somehow become your doctor's problem?
  4. People really expect you to be able to cure them.
    Sometimes there's nothing wrong. But most of the time I have to educate patients about things they have to do to cure themselves. A lot of things are cured by lifestyle changes, and a lot aren't curable at all.
  5. Being pain free is unrealistic, but most people want to be 100% pain free and think this is a realistic ideal.
    This is so culturally variable. I think our collective belief that any amount of pain is unacceptable is partially why we have so much narcotic use, abuse, and even elective c-sections. I was also amazed when I was deployed to Japan to find out that culture of pain there is totally different. One of my Soldiers needed an appendectomy and didn't get any narcs post-op (I thought that this scenario would surely warrant something more than Advil). Pain is regarded as a normal part of life in Japan.