Shuffle is the best way to listen to music. Thx for the inspiration @preston
  1. CHOBANI& ADDERALL VOL2: ROMPER SEASON All 4 volumes are great but ROMPER SEASON IS THE BEST. 45+ minutes of mostly rap music about butts, feelings, drugs and fighting. Also the intro is A+++++ Greek yogurt and pharmaceuticals mixtapes forever
  2. Sweet Virginia - Rolling Stones
    My friends Abby and Davin walked down the aisle to this song and it makes me so very happy every time I hear it
  3. Come to Me - Lily& Madeleine
    Heard most recent during the the final emotionally heavy scene and credits of the “Party Time" episode Of Togetherness. The song punctuates Tina’s “I’m not really good at anything” declaration and offers some semblance of hope in her moment of despair; a moment I know I have experienced where you can’t figure out what the fuck you are meant to be doing and feel pretty garbage about some of your life choices.
  4. Truffle Butter - Nicki Minaj
    Do NOT google truffle butter. I'm warning you 🙈
  5. Wildfire - @john+ frank ocean
    I get really sad at how short this is so I usually put it on 🔂