1. Born 1985 || Sun: Aries || Moon: Sagittarius || Ascendant: Scorpio || Midheaven: Leo
    I don't buy astrology but I find it soothing to know all of this
  2. Originally from Guinea [no not Papua. The other one in West Africa aka ebola ground zero 😷] but grew up in Nigeria and Belgium
  3. 🚮 is currently my fave emoji
  4. If it's a reality tv show, I've seen it!
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    Any channel. It's my sickness. Seriously just quiz me.
  5. Secret/HUGE policy nerd
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    I used to run a blog call Orszagasm all about Peter Orszag. Yes. the former Director of the Office of Management and Budget 😔 BUT I put him on the map sexually.
  6. Todd Time was v important to me http://on.mtv.com/1EkaIF5
    @mindy remember how excited I was that he was at that Sundance dinner? ????
  7. My pattern game is pretty strong
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  8. I'm my best, happiest person in the desert.
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  9. I'm going to quit my really secure job at Google v soon to freelance write// follow my bliss because I'm a crazy person
  10. I don't share men, credit or dessert
  11. @lenadunham what am I forgetting?