1. Intros
    When Susan introduces you to Jack, hit reply all and move Susan to Bcc. She’ll now know that her introduction has been acted on, but won’t have to endure the massive email thread between you and Jack that is likely to follow. After all, the best way to thank Susan for a great intro is to spare her a cluttered inbox.
  2. Mass email
    @collier and I are on a nightmare birthday email chain with 500+ humans. It's the worst. My basic basic rule: bcc if the number of recipients exceeds 10. Enter your own address in the “To:” field so it’s the only one shown. Exception made for dinner parties ⚡️ makes it easier to connect with the keuties you meet.
  3. Privacy
    Do you have really cool friends? Cool as in,“including Kanye West on your bday party mailing list”? If so, he and probz Kim will be uncomfortable with their personal information being displayed. PROTECT KIMYE at all costs