Because, to paraphrase @john a lady should - and can dream
  1. Likes to sleep in
    During the week I bolt out of bed by 630 but weekends are for sleeping my friends. Bonus points if he gets the Sunday NYT before your asshole neighbors steal it
  2. TSA pre-check & global entry
    ✈️ truly a MUST! Can't be leaving your ass at TSA
  3. Will smoke a couple of cigarettes with you with zero judgement.
    A la Claire& Frank Underwood. Until 2005, I was a pack/day smoker and I blame the french educational system entirely. Quitting anything is hard and cigarettes are no exception. I just tell myself I'm a smoker who chooses not to smoke. However 2 or 3 times/ year I enjoy nothing more than taking a few long drags on the roof.
  4. Good vocabulary
  5. Will eat french fries and watch comedy bang bang with you after sex
    Post coital TV watching is sacred
  6. Knows not to swipe left or right when you show him a picture on your phone
    somebody please make an app for this!
  7. Knows your drink and dinner order by heart
  8. Never pressures you about how hard you work.
    I'm re watching all of FRIENDS and by far the worst thing about Ross is how dismissive he is of all his ladies' jobs and pressures them to blow work to hang with him
  9. Likes that you wear caftans at home; willing to try your many face masks
  10. Not afraid to dance
  11. Likes being little spoon
  12. 🎤that money money money🎤?
    Suggested by @jon
  13. Calls you boo OR shawty in private
  14. Knows how to treat a sick lady (soup, humidifier, change of sheets)
    Suggested by @Ayelet