Unsurprisingly all women // required companion read: http://bit.ly/1FEZb2g
  1. always with the perfect link or response.
  2. Only sends 100% gems. Durga I'm ready to take our relationship to text. R U READY?
  3. nobody is faster or funnier. We're on a feminist listserv together and collier has the best insight always. Especially about the lady convinced she's being followed by COINTELPRO
  4. Queen ⚡️ sometimes she'll instagram tag me in something so specifically appealing to me/our friendship it frightens me.
  5. New friend seduction so clearly depends on texting/emailing and gabi is delightful at both. I feel lucky
  6. College roommate Brittany
    Every morning I send her the Google lunch options and she makes the best menu picks usually followed by the hashtag #bodyschoice
  7. DC friend Phoebe
    Best lady. Sends me an almost daily link roundup titled "Things you should own" aka beautiful internet shopping curation 💛