I've cried more in the last 6 months than my entire life but it's been weirdly cathartic. SF is just doing things to me
  1. Right outside the Kiehl's store at SFO Terminal 2- boarding area D
    Just pick up some Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer for the flight 🙌 Also I do my best crying at airports generally
  2. MUNI
    everyone on MUNI is actually 100% crazy so it's a weirdly very safe space to emote
  3. At a Giants game
    Everyone else is doing it. trust
  4. Bar Tartine
    the bartender witnessed the awkward breakup, complimented my lipstick, told me "his hat is very dumb. you won't regret it" and gave me so much free champagne. Bar Tartine forever
  5. The Rosa Parks/Harvey Milk combo memorial in Oakland
    literally never ever going back there but it's maybe the most private space to cry in. Also you're surrounded by the hustle of Uptown Oakland when you're ready to re engage with humans