1. Million 5 on the Visa card - Rich Gang "Lifestyle"
    God I hope this isn't a debit card
  2. Bout to call your ass a Uber / I got somewhere to be - Drake "Energy"
    Annoyed Drake is maybe my favorite Drake
  3. I got two mortgages / thirty Million in total - Drake "energy"
    OMG who is giving this man financial advice?! This troubled me so much I've been investigating. His LA house is supposedly ~ 10Million [the YOLO estate in Hidden Hills // the listing pictures are A++] SO THIS MEANS THE OTHER HOUSE IS 20MILLION! It's obvs the house for his mom Deb and she deserves every nice thing in the world but a house that expensive in Toronto sounds insane. Anyway Drake call me I have sound real estate advice for you
  4. Beat it with the left, beat it with the right/ Imma knock the pussy out like fight night - Takeoff in Migos "Fight Night"
    Life hack: always do the oppose of what Takeoff says.
  5. You with Aladdin bet I got a magic carpet for that ass - Tyga "Hookah"
    Can Disney characters file restraining orders? Protect princess Jasmine at all cost