1. Social Safeway
    The crown jewel of the District Safeways v elegant / in Georgetown and def does make you want to stay a while. The generous “social area” is comfortably furnished and centered around a fireplace. Fresh-faced young people abound and they aren’t afraid to smile at a stranger (I have myself made prolonged eye contact with a Brooks Brothers-type here before). I know 2 couples that met here!
  2. Secret Safeway
    Doesn't have any external signage which I guess means it's never crowded. Also the avocados here never disappointed me 1800 20th st NW
  3. Sexy Safeway
    5th& L steel and glass modernist design // great flower selection // beautiful people. Sometimes gentrification works out for everyone.
  4. Soviet Safeway
    Has now been renovated 1701 Corcoran NW // also the only Safeway that reliably had pico de gallo when I lived in DC
  5. Really secret Safeway
    4203 Davenport Street NW Like no reason to ever be out here
  6. Sandinista Safeway
    So much Goya
  7. Stinky safeway
    In petworth but I had a posi experience here
  8. Senior Safeway
    Inside the Watergate. No thx
  9. Underground Safeway
    In Virginia. No thx
  10. Unsafeway!
    In SE 🆘