10 Cute Photos of my Dog

Requested by @dubstep here is a list of photos of my lil chihuahua
  1. This is Puppers
    His real name is Ramses but my family all calls him Puppers
  2. He really likes to pose for photos
  3. He should actually be a model
  4. One time I drew lime green eyebrows on him
    Yes it was because the Pinterest photos of dogs with eyebrows
  5. Sometimes he acts odd
  6. He doesn't really like to play around
  7. He really just likes to eat treats and sleep
  8. This is what he does when you interrupt his sleeping and eating
    (Again same)
  9. He also does this weird thing where he sticks out his tongue
  10. He's reallly really cute & likes to cuddle (sometimes) & I miss him everyday!!!!