Inspired by @anuhea && this amazing community
  1. My name is Aja, like Asia the continent
  2. I'm 19 going on 20
    I forget my age so when I'm asked I take a couple seconds to think about it
  3. This is a selfie of me
  4. I have a very cute bf who I just moved in with
  5. I have the job of my dreams working at a law firm
    I get to do everything I've ever wanted and I am happy everyday !!!
  6. I'm a quarter Japanese
  7. I really really love lipstick
    & I have wayyyy too many saved screenshots of colors I like
  8. I'm currently in a 6 year law program at a small university in Ohio
    Never thought I would have the money to go to school but I got a full scholarship !!
  9. I've volunteered over 1000 hours at a local science museum
    Lifetime membership holla
  10. I'm really excited because my credit score went up today
  11. I have a serious addiction to The Office
  12. I dropped my high school diploma on stage at graduation
    Why do these things always happen to me
  13. I have a tattoo for my Obachan
    Obachan = grandma in Japanese
  14. My dog lives in Colorado with my family and I really miss him