1. Food in mouth, took while driving 😳
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  2. Drunk selfie with my childhood bear
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  3. Made a fake cigarette to impress a boy I liked that smoked real cigarettes
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  4. I woke up like that
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  5. Another drink selfie cuddling, cuddling with my childhood bunny
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  6. In Prague. Felt like a Madewell model in this lol
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  7. Chocolate on my face from a McDonald's covered cone
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  8. My roommate did my makeup for the first time
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  9. I took this with a selfie stick in hopes that it would look like a loved one took it
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  10. Drunken snapchat
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  11. Me on the morning of my 25
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  12. Did the Kylie Jenner lip challenge
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  13. 👯
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