I expressed why I love each film briefly under each one! These films are listed in no particular order!
  1. Now is good
    I watched this film while going though a "watch all sad films that exist" phase, and this was my absolute favourite. I love the music, the story, the romance, and the family situation going on! I don't only love this film because the girl and guy were cute! I loved it because each character's story was wonderful on its own.
  2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    Now I had watched Thor and The avengers before I watched this film, but I never watched any other mcu film before. I knew the characters from the avengers, yet I never watched the first CA. I absolutely loved this film. It made me love mcu. Perfect action and perfect heroes. The music was wonderful and the story was amazing. No flaws at all and treated all characters (especially the women) wonderfully.
  3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    I love Star Wars. I watched all films before this one came out. The reason why I love this the most, could be because I was able to experience it in cinema, but also because it was perfect. The characters were all interesting. The storyline was brilliant. Kylo Ren, the villain, was astonishing. The FEMALE LEAD was wonderful! No objectifying, like most action films do with women, and there was plenty poc representation with Poe and Finn and more. Original cast were back! I love I love I love!
  4. Beyond the lights
    Now I watched this film randomly. I never knew I would love it so much. I loved the main character. She was so heartbreaking and honest. The relationship was SO CUTE. The way it was done was perfect. Really random but this film is a must watch.
  5. Testament of Youth
    I had to wait months to watch this film. When I first saw the trailer, I was so excited they were making a film about a feminist during the First World War who was expected to stay at home and do her womanly duties and was not allowed to go study at Oxford, which was her dream. Although the film is mainly about loss during the war, Vera Brittain inspired me to follow my dreams, no matter what anyone says.
  6. 10 things I hate about you
    My favourite 90's film ever! Kat Stratford was such an inspiration to me! She didn't care what anyone thought and she always wanted to be herself. She was one of my favourite feminist icons, and one of the people that turned myself into a feminist! Oh and the romance too!
  7. We bought a zoo
    This film seems to be a children's film, but to me it is so much more. When I first found out about it, I thought indeed it was a children's film and there was nothing special to it. I was completely wrong. The emotion this film carries through out it right till the end is what makes it so magical. The characters were brilliant, the story line, besides buying a zoo, was beautiful and heartbreaking. Must watch.
  8. Interstellar
    When my sisters took me to watch this film, I didn't think I'd come out the way I did. I had to sit on my cinema seat for a couple of minutes before I could move. The film was breathtakingly good. The visuals, the music, the story, the SCIENCE FICTION, the actors, were all so wonderful. It blew me away.
  9. How to train your dragon 1 & 2
    Yes, this is an animation. But it's a damn good one. Httyd is my favourite animation franchise. The first one, I loved when I watched it in the cinema when I was 11. Then, 4 years later when I was 15, the second one came out, and I loved it even more. The story of httyd is heartbreaking, and the music gives you hope and always makes you want to cry, but I love it, I love it to bits, I can't wait for the third film.
  10. Tangled
    This film made me laugh, cry, and smile within minutes from each other. The love story between Them is like every Disney couple, perfection. These two are my favourites, because Flynn is just die hard funny and cute, but also because he isn't perfect. I loved the visuals. The film was the perfect Disney princess film.
  11. Treasure Planet
    This Disney animation film is just so underrated. It deserves so much more attention, because it's beautiful. It's just a random Disney film, but the visuals and music make it worth it. It deserves so much attention, unfortunately it didn't get much.