An enumeration of my own first world problems

An offhand accounting of the narcissistic entitled concerns that are clearly reflective of my status as a Basic White Girl
  1. The guy I talked to on Tinder a month ago friend requested me on Facebook a week ago but I didn't accept his friend request because he was too casual and clearly not in love with me.
  2. I can't go out to dinner with the other Swim Moms next week because I'm doing Financial Peace and it's not in the budget.
  3. I worked a long 9 hour day, sitting, in air conditioning, listening to other people's problems, and now I'm in the comfort of my own home running out of Sauvignon Blanc.
  4. My gym is offering free tanning for only a week, so the last day I can get in the booth is tomorrow.
  5. There is no more money on my Starbucks card. Literally. Like, my balance is $0.00.