1. What are we working on today?
  2. How did you do that? What is it about you that enabled you to do it?
  3. What coping skills did you use?
  4. If you knew why, or understood why, would it make it hurt any less?
  5. We are going to get through this.
  6. I wonder whose voice you are listening to right now.
  7. What is motivating you?
  8. If your best friend were here, and she shared the same story with you that you shared with me, what would you say to her? How would you respond?
  9. If you really believe that, then why are you here?
  10. It sounds like two things are true at the same time. They feel like they are in conflict, but what if they aren't?
  11. I don't want to be right; I want you to be okay.
  12. Help me understand.
  13. What did you learn from all this?
  14. What does your child need from you right now?
  15. What is a next right step for you?
  16. When we live in fear, we create what we fear. But when we live in faith, we get what we need.
  17. And the number 1 thing I hear myself say to my clients: I don't know.