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I just started teaching first grade, it's my first year. My kids are super chatty and I can't get them to stop talking to each other. Tomorrow I'm moving their seats. I try class class, if you can hear me clap twice, but the talking resumes. Any suggestions??
  1. Pay extra close attention to the students who ARE quiet and ready to go when it is your turn to talk. "Sally knows just what to do, thank you. I can tell Aaron is listening because he's quiet and looking at me." Etc. Or, if you implement some kind of reward chart, start silently giving stamps, stickers, whatever. The others will fall in line. :)
    Suggested by   @StuckOnThe7
  2. Another thing to keep in mind is the importance of movement breaks! I love the website Go Noodle!
    Suggested by   @lauriecondra
  3. Also I highly recommend getting a copy of Randy Sprick's book CHAMPS. It's all about positive and proactive classroom management and he's very thorough and practical
    Suggested by   @lauriecondra
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