I just started teaching first grade, it's my first year. My kids are super chatty and I can't get them to stop talking to each other. Tomorrow I'm moving their seats. I try class class, if you can hear me clap twice, but the talking resumes. Any suggestions??
  1. Pay extra close attention to the students who ARE quiet and ready to go when it is your turn to talk. "Sally knows just what to do, thank you. I can tell Aaron is listening because he's quiet and looking at me." Etc. Or, if you implement some kind of reward chart, start silently giving stamps, stickers, whatever. The others will fall in line. :)
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  2. Another thing to keep in mind is the importance of movement breaks! I love the website Go Noodle!
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  3. Also I highly recommend getting a copy of Randy Sprick's book CHAMPS. It's all about positive and proactive classroom management and he's very thorough and practical
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  4. Check out Class Dojo - an online behavior management system where students can earn Dojo Points for positive behaviors
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  5. Tell them to hold a bubble (of air) in their mouth when you're giving directions! Keep directions short! Do lots of mini-lessons and then offer them chances to chat constructively! For example: if you're teaching a spelling list, give them a word and how to spell it then have them turn to their neighbor to use the word in a sentence! Good luck!
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  6. Since they're only 1st graders, start with some kind of reward?
    Full disclosure: I'm not an elementary teacher. But I'd reward them in some way in a rolling fashion - small victories (periods of time being quiet, compliance, etch at first, then gradually upping what they have to do to earn a reward.
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  7. Also, have you ever seen the teacher vs. the class game?
    If you do a "class class" and they get quiet, they get a point. If they don't, you get a point. Track them on the board or something like that, and if they earn enough, again- reward. But it also makes all about the whole class, which can be effective.
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  8. I had a treasure box when I taught 1 grade
    It was earned through "behavior" bucks. They got to shop in the treasure box if they earned a certain amount of "bucks". It worked miracles! Also, first graders respond to music, rhymes, (all set?- they respond with "you bet!" Another example is "oh class?" They say "oh yeah?"). You may have to do it a few times at first but after a little while it's magical. Good luck!
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