1. Why bother running? You aren't going to make it!
  2. My underwear is on backwards?! How did this happen?
  3. Strawberry Mentos! Why do they only sell these at the airport?
  4. People wear the strangest outfits to travel in
  5. Oh here we go again, someone got randomly selected for PreCheck and they have no clue what they're doing
  6. Just because TSA issues you a uniform and a badge doesn't mean you have to be rude
  7. Pretty pretty please do not throw my eye make remover away AGAIN
  8. Why are you standing so close to me? We are all getting on the plane.
  9. You may wanna look up from your cellphone long enough to avoid colliding with me, thanks!
  10. Why do women choose to wear such unconventional footwear to travel in?
  11. Wrangle your children people. This isn't Frogger and I shouldn't have to dodge you kid bc it isn't convenient for you to roll your bag AND hold their hand.
  12. How did you manage to leave your bag at the Security Checkpoint?
  13. It should be a requirement for every airport to have legit food near the gates.
  14. Yes sir, I do realize this is the PreCheck line and that I don't have to remove my shoes. I travel almost weekly and these boots always have to go through x-Ray, but thanks for letting me know.