There are way more of these than I expected. I may need to get a life.
  1. This is a dog in a hotdog costume that I saw in Alphabet City over the weekend
  2. This is my dad and Bailey at Pyramid Lake
  3. Charlie was the office dog at my old job
  4. Bailey and I are soul sisters in the sense that we both want food always
  5. My friend Jenn got married and Chipper was her ring bearer and it was very cute
  7. This was a llama at Machu Picchu
  8. Hi Bailey 👋🏽
  9. Lucy was my boss's dog and copilot for the day
  10. Bailey vs stick
  11. Sometimes Bailey and I take selfies and we are like twins
  12. THIS IS THE TIME I MET A WOLF at a wolf sanctuary in Colorado. His name was Maike and he really liked frozen hot dogs.
  13. This is Wrigley he does not like stairs so Bryce has to carry him
  14. Hi Wrigley
  15. This is another wolf the first time I went to the wolf sanctuary but didn't get to cuddle with them
  16. This is Huckleberry he was nice enough to host is at his home in Vail
  17. Partner in crime
  18. This is Cloud he is very wise
  19. This is a dog friend I met in Chile
  20. These are seal friends I met in Chile
  21. This was my Chilean host family's dog, Canela
  22. This is a peacock I saw in Santiago. Fun fact in Spanish the word for peacock translates to "royal turkey"
  23. This is a chihuahua in a sombrero I saw in Estes Park. I REPEAT CHIHUAHUA IN A SOMBRERO.
  24. This is Bailey having snax and gossiping with me and my friends ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  25. This is Warren
  26. This is Carlie communicating however cats do with our mystery neighbor cat
  27. This is a friend I made on campus outside the journalism building at CU
  28. This is Carlie and Buster. Not pictured: Tobias
  29. Wow I feel a bit like a crazy person after making this list