There are way more of these than I expected. I may need to get a life.
  1. This is a dog in a hotdog costume that I saw in Alphabet City over the weekend
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  2. This is my dad and Bailey at Pyramid Lake
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  3. Charlie was the office dog at my old job
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  4. Bailey and I are soul sisters in the sense that we both want food always
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  5. My friend Jenn got married and Chipper was her ring bearer and it was very cute
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  7. This was a llama at Machu Picchu
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  8. Hi Bailey 👋🏽
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  9. Lucy was my boss's dog and copilot for the day
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  10. Bailey vs stick
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  11. Sometimes Bailey and I take selfies and we are like twins
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  12. THIS IS THE TIME I MET A WOLF at a wolf sanctuary in Colorado. His name was Maike and he really liked frozen hot dogs.
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  13. This is Wrigley he does not like stairs so Bryce has to carry him
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  14. Hi Wrigley
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  15. This is another wolf the first time I went to the wolf sanctuary but didn't get to cuddle with them
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  16. This is Huckleberry he was nice enough to host is at his home in Vail
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  17. Partner in crime
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  18. This is Cloud he is very wise
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  19. This is a dog friend I met in Chile
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  20. These are seal friends I met in Chile
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  21. This was my Chilean host family's dog, Canela
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  22. This is a peacock I saw in Santiago. Fun fact in Spanish the word for peacock translates to "royal turkey"
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  23. This is a chihuahua in a sombrero I saw in Estes Park. I REPEAT CHIHUAHUA IN A SOMBRERO.
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  24. This is Bailey having snax and gossiping with me and my friends ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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  25. This is Warren
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  26. This is Carlie communicating however cats do with our mystery neighbor cat
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  27. This is a friend I made on campus outside the journalism building at CU
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  28. This is Carlie and Buster. Not pictured: Tobias
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  29. Wow I feel a bit like a crazy person after making this list